New Thing #308: Mango Liqueur


Normally I’m not much into mangos. Peeling and slicing a mango is one of my most dreaded duties in the kitchen. They’re slimy, they never come off the stone properly and they always seem to overpower whatever dish it is that I add them to. That being said, on their own, with nothing to overwhelm the flavour of, they really shine.

So I’ve been eagerly awaiting opening of the bottle of Orchid Mango Liqueur that Shauna got for Christmas this year.

After my daughter was finally tucked into bed tonight, we cracked it open and poured ourselves a couple of drinks over ice. The flavour is quite intense, really bursting with that taste of ripe mangos. The website purports the use of only the freshest fruit, and although there’s no real way of telling, it sure tastes that way.

As an added bonus, there’s a rather tasty looking recipe for a Champagne based cocktail that we’ll be happy to try out once the bottle of Cava in the fridge is popped at midnight.

Happy new year everyone!


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