New Thing #306: New Canadian $100 Bill



I’d forgotten that our new bank notes had started going into circulation last month until I saw one for myself today. While I was standing in line at Loblaws the lady infront of my some cash back after her purchase. The teller offered up one of the shiny new hundered dollar bills if she wanted it. And of course she did.

And showing our friendly, trustworthy nature as Canadians the woman then offered it up for the rest of us to take a look at. It’s pretty awesome. 

The clear polymer parts of the bill really stand out in a futuristic way while the design surrouding them feels traditional and ornate. It’s a really great blend of the old and the new from a design perspective.

I only wish I’d been able to touch it, but I thought it would be a little awkward to ask someone if I could gently stroke their money. 


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