New Thing #304: Drive With Snow Tires



When I was in high school I’d make sure to leave extra early for school on mornings where there was a fresh fall of snow on the ground. I wasn’t trying to beat the traffic or take it slow, I just really wanted to be the first and only car in the student parking lot so that I could do donuts in my parents’ 1976 Malibu Classic.

Now that I’m a little older and have trouble risking my life on a daily basis I thought it wise to finally invest in snow tires. After a bit of a debacle at Canadian Tire a month ago I’ve been waiting just as eagerly as my daughter for some damn snow on the ground.  

So tonight, with some gross, slippery, wet snow covering the car and the street I finally got my chance. After two decades of driving I now know what it feels like to have control in the snow and it feels amazing.

Sure, it’s not quite as much fun sliding around corners but now I can stop on a dime instead of sliding thirty feet, watching my life go by in slow motion. Incidently, the first time that ever happened I was driving my mother somewhere back in my home town. It remains the only time that I have ever dropped the F-bomb in front of here. We have not spoken of it to this day.

Now I wonder what they’re like on ice!


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