New Thing #300: Watch Labrynth



Although a seminal movie of the 80s, I just never really had the desire to watch Labrynth.

So, some twenty years later I am struck by two things:

1. David Bowie has a rather extensive package
2. You need to be a 13 year old girl to enjoy this movie


About dangaede

Creative Director and espresso lover.

2 responses to “New Thing #300: Watch Labrynth

  1. Brendyn

    Tell me you’ve at least seen The Neverending Story before!

  2. Anonymous

    Brendyn, I think that Labrynth is about the only seminal 80s kid’s movie that slipped through my grasp. Although, remember I had never seen Charlie and The Chocolate Factory before you showed it to us that night of the infamous Dragon’s Breath Ale.

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