New Thing #295: Make Homemade French Fries



When it comes to deep frying food I’m a bit of a noob. OK, I’ve pretty much never done it.

Much like the meat slicer when I was a kid, the thought of hot oil bursting into flames or popping upwards toward my open eyeball mostly scares the shit out of me. Plus I’ve watched too many deep fried turkey incidents on Youtube over the years to be entirely comfortable with the method.

But then I found myself with about $4 worth of excess potato slices after I cubed some up for roasting tonight and really didn’t want to see them go to waste. So I guess my fears can be conquered for little to no monetary value.

So I hand cut about a pound of potatoes, poured all the oil I had into a pot, stuck a candy thermometer in there and made me some french fries.

With an eye on the temperature and a handy knowledge of my oil’s smoke point as reference I calmly fried up two batches, and then shared them with my family.

They were a hit.

If not for the excess amount of oil needed and reams of paper towels that I went through, I could see making these on a semi-regular basis. At the very least, we’re in for some damn good steak frites this winter.



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