New Thing #293: iTunes Match



Ok, I really wanted to have a great new experience using iTunes match tonight, but it would seem my actual new experience would be complete frustration with iTunes match tonight.

Actually, that’s not completely fair, I’m just bummed that it’s been roughly five and a half hours and I’m only about 3/4 of the way through the process of logging all my songs. Granted, there’s nearly 8000 of them, but still, I was hoping this would be a quick and painless process.

Then again, having access to those songs at any time on the go on my phone is pretty damned cool. And it seems to work pretty well, even over 3G; better even than rdio does. I can’t be sure how successful the whole thing is until the entire process is finished and I can see what gaps there are in my library, but for now it seems more than adequate.

Plus I can download all of my lower bitrate “imported” music at 256kb so that’s a pretty damned good bonus for $30.  


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