New Thing #290: Muskoka Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout



How could I possibly resist a giant 750ml bottle of Muskoka Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout this Christmas season? With its beautiful bottle and wonderfully illustrated label it just screams winter pick me up. And even though I don’t often go for stouts when I sit down for a pint, this one knocks my socks off.

The chocolate definitely hits you harder than the cranberry, but that’s not a bad thing; it is double after all. If I really poke around I think I can taste the cran, but to be completely honest, I’m not sure. But I don’t care. It’s rich and bursting with flavour, but there’s a lightness and a crispness to it as well. 

And best of all, there’s leftovers. Well, at least there is at the moment.


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Creative Director and espresso lover.

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