New Thing #289: Galaxy Nexus from Google



I’ll be the first to admit that ten minutes with a phone is no way to review it, but I can at least garner a first impression.

And at least I can say that the Galaxy Nexus from Google is the first Android phone I’ve held that I didn’t immediately take a disliking to.

I actually love the light weight of it compared to the iPhone although I’m not sure I actually enjoy the huge screen. I like the compactness of my iPhone and the Nexus just seems a little too big to me.

It runs on Ice Cream Sandwich, so it’s the most up to date operating system I’ve used for Android and it’s finally just as snappy as iOS. The vertical scrolling multitasking bar is a very nice alternative to the static icons for iOS and I actually like the non-physical buttons that help you navigate your way around.

But I have to say, when I think of a phone that would tempt me away from my iPhone it’s not this one. It just doesn’t seem to offer anything I can’t get with my iPhone for my normal daily use.

Windows Phone 7 is still what catches my eye on that front with it’s unique take on a mobile operating system.

Man, it’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore!


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