New Thing #284: Play Trine


I’ve been meaning to play Trine since it came out for the PS3 and PC ages ago, but I was holding out for the elusive XBox version so that I could play with my friends. Unfortunately that version never materialized.

But, thanks to some great Thanksgiving weekend Steam sales, I picked it up for a song.

I half wish I had played it when it did come out regardless of platform based on the shear beauty and inventiveness of the gameplay. But I also love that I’m coming to it late in the game and am still able to fall completely in love with it. Sometimes games show their age quickly, this is not one of those cases.

The main conceit is that you switch between three different character types on the fly, each with a unique ability. Using these abilities you progress past ever increasingly difficult areas. Some you get through by using your wits, some through brute force, or some both.

The wrapper around the game is just stunning. I don’t think I’ve seen such beautiful art direction in a 2D game before and the soundtrack that accompanies it sets just the right tone. 

I think I might need to get another controller so I can play it with Shauna, or break down and try and remember how to play video games with a mouse and keyboard again.


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