New Thing #261: Peanut Butter & Onion Sandwich


As I type this, I continue to eat my Peanut Butter and Onion Sandwich. I’ve capitalized it to give it the respect it deserves.

I really didn’t think I’d like this one, and I’m as surprised as you are that I did.

It’s such a simple concoction and the flavours really do work well together. Like was explained to me, a lot of south east Asian cooking involved the two ingredients together, although once cooked they’re a little easier to digest. Raw onions aren’t the easiest thing on your stomach after all.

It’s certainly pretty chewy and takes a bit more effort to eat than a normal sandwich, so I can’t see myself eating one of these every day. But I think I’ve found a great way to freak out Audrey’s friends when they come over once she’s a little older.


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