New Thing #254: Steel Panther



Since I started listening to rdio streaming music I’ve found myself randomly listening to albums just for kicks. Today, I couldn’t resist Steel Panther’s “Balls Out” when I saw the album art. Any album cover that features a busty woman in a swim suit holding two steel balls between her legs in 2011 has be crazy, right? And it is.

Turns out that Steel Panther is a satirical throw back hair metal band that sings the craziest, filthiest sex songs set to late 80’s shredding and the occasional power ballad. 

It’s utterly ridiculous, and over the top mysoginistic. But it’s always done with a nudge and a wink, reminding me of Spinal Tap’s “Big Bottom” if all the filters were off. Let’s just say that if Spinal Tap took it to 11, Steel Panther takes it to 69. 



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