New Thing #253: The Little Prince



Although I’d occasionally watch the odd cartoon series of The Little Prince when I was a kid, it never really captured my attention. I never quite understood what was going on with this kid on his little planet floating in space. But after my daughter wanted to watch a new CGI version of the story on TVO this afternoon I thought it was time I seek out the source material. Because man, that CGI was craptastic and I figured this beloved piece of literature was probably beloved for a reason.

After spending an hour or so reading the novella I’m glad to say I’ll be reading it to Audrey when she’s older. She’s still a little young to understand the metaphors for our lives that are so prevalent in the book. 

The lesson is a simple one, and probably the most important thing my father ever instilled in me: never grow up. As life gets ever more complicated, you have to stop to admire the world we live in and the people around us with a child’s eyes from time to time. To find the beauty in the little things and not obsess over the minutiae of day to day life. And when it comes down to it, that part of why I’m doing this whole exercise.

And yes, to quote the Little Prince himself:

“Grown-ups are certainly very odd.”


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