New Thing #251: The Legal Dept.



One of the benefits of working in the ad business is that drinking is never frowned upon, but rather celebrated. Recently, Proximity Toronto took that to a whole new level with the introduction of The Legal Dept.

The first Friday of each month, we transform the rather expansive kitchen area into a bar, complete with bartenders, signage and a couple of inhouse DJ’s spinning for us. Then we invite the whole company up for a beer (or three or four). The joke is that if you ever need an excuse to take off and have a drink you can just tell everybody that you have a very important meeting at The Legal Dept.

I was off sick for the inaugural opening last month but made sure I was there tonight. Well techinically this afternoon: we start early.

I actually enjoy socializing with the people I work with, but don’t get to do it very often anymore. So being able to chit chat about crap outside of the projects we’re working on together is a nice change of pace. 

Plus, it’s free booze. How could you possibly go wrong with that?


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