New Thing #249: St. Peter’s Winter Ale



I’ll admit that I picked up this wonderful brew based solely on the lovely ligature on the label that adorns its equally lovely bottle. 

St. Peter’s Winter Ale from Suffolk in the United Kingdom is strong and nutty with just the right amount of hops lingering afterwards. It is very dark, like a black hole in a glass. No light seems able to pierce it. And I suppose if you drank a few of them, you might drop into a black hole yourself. 

With beers like this and the Duchy Originals Organics available, I don’t know why I’d ever buy a six pack of anything domestic at the LCBO again.


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One response to “New Thing #249: St. Peter’s Winter Ale

  1. Trini

    There are soooo many amazing westcoast breweries from BC down to Oregon. I should seriously send you some microbrews. I’m totally digging dark and hoppy. If you’re ever in Vancouver again we MUST go to the Alibi Room for beers. mmmmm beer!

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