New Thing #248: Superman Annual 11



Tonight I was in the mood to dive into some comic book that I’d never read before. Maybe a something featuring a character that I’ve known through the zeitgeist but never actually delved into their story before, like say, Aquaman.

But when I couldn’t decide what to read I went to the expert: my friend Tom.

He suggested I pick up Superman Annual 11. Partly because he knew how much I loved Alan Moore’s writing in Watchmen and partly because…well…he just thought I’d really like it.

The whole one-off reads a bit like a Marvel What If issue, placing Superman back on a Krypton that never exploded. And it’s a weird take on things. Ultra conservatives wanting society to return to the golden years, family infighting and a world weary Jor-El are not what I expected.

And it’s all a bit heavy handed, mirroring our own 1985 world troubles a little too closely.

All the fun bits happen back in the real world with Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman. As always, Superman himself still manages to bore me at almost every turn.

But the artwork was wonderful and the goofy plot device to put Superman back on Krypton made me smile.

But what I think is the best thing I took away from all this is the realization that iOS autocorrects misspellings of Krypton.


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