New Thing #240: Kaffismi??ja ??slands’ Espresso


Sometimes a random happenstance really works out. 

Take my friend Stuart who recently went to Iceland on vacation. He was busy planning his trip when I came across a blog post by my friend Liz about the best places to get coffee in Reykjavik. So, of course, I passed the link along.

And wouldn’t you know it, Stuart brought me back a bag of Kaffismiðja Íslands’ own blend of beans. What a nice fella that Stuart is.

They’re simply wonderful. Not a hint of bitterness and extremely smooth and silky. If it weren’t so damned far away, this would definitely replace the Intellgentsia variety I usually keep on hand.

And yes, it even beats the beans I roasted myself.



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Creative Director and espresso lover.

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