New Thing #220: Once Upon A Monster


Double Fine, arguably the best video game studio for producing laugh out loud funny games, has had a Sesame Street game for Kinect in the works. And to be honest, Once Upon A Monster is one of the reasons I bought a Kinect in the first place.

The demo came out recently, so Audrey and I threw our hands in the air like we just no care (as Cookie Monster instructed us to) and jumped, roared and danced our way through a couple mini-games together. 

And it’s nothing special if you’re an adult, alone, grimacing at your TV screen. But when you’re a dad with your four year old pretending she’s Elmo dancing with Cookie Monster it’s pretty fantastic. The writing is spot on for Sesame Street and the graphics are really cute and whimsical. They’ve done a great job creating a world for these characters to breathe in.

I still don’t expect Kinect to take over the types of games that I like obsess over, but I love that it allows me to include Audrey in my favourite past time. We’ll definitely be buying Once Upon A Monster when it comes out. Audrey already told me so.



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