New Thing #206: Cortado



My coffee snobbery may come into question with this post, but I’ve never had a cortado before today. On the recommendation of Adrian, one of my work pals, I had Crema whip me up this espresso cut with warm milk concoction this afternoon.


It’s about half way between a straight espresso shot and a macchiato. Normally, if I’m not at work, a macchiato is my go to beverage, so it was nice to try something a little stronger than it, but meatier than just a shot of espresso.

I think I’ve just found my perfect breakfast drink.



New Thing #205: Home of Hot Taste



I must have passed Home of Hot Taste a hundred times in my walk down Yonge Street. The sign and name that adorns it is ridiculous and I’m not the biggest fan of Korean food in general. But there always seem to be people in it, and I was particularly hungry after working late tonight.

Let’s be clear, this is not a beautiful restaurant and the service is atrocious. What was fantastic was the food. And that’s the important part, right?

I had something called Blazing Fire Chicken, which wasn’t actually all that spicy, but had a great flavour and was cooked perfectly. Not a piece of mystery meat in the bunch and the sesame fried rice was a great accompaniment to it.

According the menu, there’s over 300 of these restaurants in Korea and the one on Yonge is the first in Canada. I don’t think that it’s ever going to expand that aggresively here, but now I have another restaurant to add to my lunch roster. If I don’t mind waiting a half hour to order that is.


New Thing #204: Twister


I little while ago I was given Twister as a sort of thank you gift at a Twister themed Proximity general meeting. Since then I’ve been racking my brain, trying to remember whether or not I’ve ever actually done the whole left-foot-green thing.

And, since I can’t concretely place myself on that mat with anyone before, I decided to try it out tonight with the family.

Twister is definitely a game for the young, or at least the bendy. I’m surprised I didn’t end up throwing my back out while my four year old turned into Gumby before my eyes. It was a lot of fun and it’s helping teach Audrey her left from her right. Now if we can just work on her not melting down every time she loses we’ll be in good shape.

New Thing #203: Tell Off Rob Ford



I’ve worked with Shanyn Devereux a couple times in my career. She’s been training for the Olympic Beach Vollyball team for years and may just be the most fit and devoted sports person I’ve ever met. And she got recruited to the Lingerie Football League.

So I bought a ticket and went tonight to Rico Coluseum to watch her play. 

Ok, it wasn’t the feminist statement that I might have thought it was going to be, but it was entertaining, even if they lost. The bros around me made it rather uncomfortable, but everyone playing was as into it as Shanyn was.

And then I saw Rob Ford (pictured on the left) waddling out of the stadium on the way out. And my blood started to boil.

My friend Stuart was the first to make the point, but I was the first to parlay it to our Mayor:

“So, you come to this but not Gay Pride?”

Unfortunately, his response was incoherent.

I’ve since been told that his niece also plays in the league, but I don’t care. If he’s my mayor, he should be able to answer my question, no matter what.


New Thing #202: Detective Comics #27


After reading The New 52 yesterday I realized that I’d never read Batman’s introduction. When he was introduced in 1939 his story occupied a mere six pages in Detective Comics.

From the very beginning The “Bat-Man” introduces Bruce Wayne, his adventurous alter-ego and Commissioner Gordon.

The character has certainly evolved over the years. The “Bat-Man” seems more like a bar brawler than an adept martial artist and his adversaries are much more benign than the super villains of today. But this very first Batman rings true. You can see the seeds being planted for the character he becomes right up front.

You know, except for the fact that he didn’t seem to mind that he threw a dude into a vat of acid. Maybe that’s the sort of thing that a guy could walk away from in the thirties.

New Thing #201: DC Comics New 52


I’ve never been much of a DC Comics fan, choosing to empty my wallet on Marvel books as a kid.

In recent years though, I’ve wanted to give a few DC titles a try but they’ve seemed impenetrable with their decades old story lines and encyclopedia of characters. Luckily, they’ve just completely rebooted the DC Universe with The New 52 initiative

I picked up a few comics today. And by picked up, I mean downloaded instantly to my iPad. Damn, I love that thing.

Detective Comics, Justice League and Batman and Robin all surprised me with their takes on these classic characters. I’m sure purists will find fault with some choices but it feels fresh and the artwork in Detective Comics in particular is stupendous.

Justice League really sets things up for a volatile storyline right off the bat (no pun intended) and I really want to see where they go with it.

Batman and Robin was a miss for me though. I don’t understand or buy this incarnation of Robin. He’s more annoying than interesting.

Overall I think hitting the big reset button was a great idea for DC. It’s given me the opportunity to start reading some comics I otherwise wouldn’t have. I’m sure my wallet won’t be thanking me for that.

New Thing #200: Brazenhead Pub


After a long, long shoot day our team ended up at Brazenhead Pub in Liberty Village. It’s nice. And they have big beers. Very big beers.

And that’s just what I need right now.

New Thing #199: Luther


I heard about Luther, a new crime drama from the BBC a while ago and decided to take a look. It showed up on Netflix recently, and when I recognize anything new I jump on it. That happens so infrequently on Netflix up here.

I went in hoping that it would be another Sherlock, but it never really hit the mark. All the important bits are practically telegraphed along the way and setting up an arch-enemy for the protagonist in the very first episode seems a little desperate.

That being said, I’ll watch the entire series, since it’s a sensible six episodes long. Hopefully it finds its way quickly and becomes something more than an over-the-top action adventure. 

Incidently, Sherlock is also on Netflix now and I suggest anyone with an account go watch it, instead of this, immediately. 

New Thing #198: Sledgehammer Zinfandel



I may be a bit of a coffee snob, but when it comes to wine I’m not as well versed in the tasting of it as I’d like to be (sorry Marcus). I like to think that I can appreciate an exceptional wine over a mediocre one, but I wouldn’t really be able to tell you why. 

I also, occasionally, choose a wine based soley on the label. Hey, I’m an graphic designer by trade, so indulge me on this one. So that’s how I found myself with a bottle of Sledgehammer Zinfandel in my hand at the LCBO today.

And no, it’s not an exceptional bottle of wine, but it’s not bad either. With a name like Sledgehammer I excpected a very rich, very bold flavour. I wanted it to knock me on my ass. Instead everything’s muddled together with a bit of a spicy finish. More like getting hit on the head with a paper towel roll than a Sledgehammer.

But, hey, what do I know, maybe that’s what a Zinfandel is supposed to taste like.

New Thing #197: Make a Cork Wreath

I’m not a very arts and crafts sort of person, but making a cork wreath seemed like one of those zen type endeavors that would let me zone out for a couple of hours. Better yet, one fo those activities that would end up with someone beautiful on the other side. And that’s just what would have happened had I had enough corks to finish the damn thing.

One of these days my folks are going to be able to hang this on their front door, I promise. People do Christmas in July sometimes, right?

So, if anyone out there might have some spare corks lying around, I’ll gladly take them off your hands. It’s either that, or I’m going to have to take up alcoholism.

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