New Thing #205: Home of Hot Taste



I must have passed Home of Hot Taste a hundred times in my walk down Yonge Street. The sign and name that adorns it is ridiculous and I’m not the biggest fan of Korean food in general. But there always seem to be people in it, and I was particularly hungry after working late tonight.

Let’s be clear, this is not a beautiful restaurant and the service is atrocious. What was fantastic was the food. And that’s the important part, right?

I had something called Blazing Fire Chicken, which wasn’t actually all that spicy, but had a great flavour and was cooked perfectly. Not a piece of mystery meat in the bunch and the sesame fried rice was a great accompaniment to it.

According the menu, there’s over 300 of these restaurants in Korea and the one on Yonge is the first in Canada. I don’t think that it’s ever going to expand that aggresively here, but now I have another restaurant to add to my lunch roster. If I don’t mind waiting a half hour to order that is.



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