New Thing #203: Tell Off Rob Ford



I’ve worked with Shanyn Devereux a couple times in my career. She’s been training for the Olympic Beach Vollyball team for years and may just be the most fit and devoted sports person I’ve ever met. And she got recruited to the Lingerie Football League.

So I bought a ticket and went tonight to Rico Coluseum to watch her play. 

Ok, it wasn’t the feminist statement that I might have thought it was going to be, but it was entertaining, even if they lost. The bros around me made it rather uncomfortable, but everyone playing was as into it as Shanyn was.

And then I saw Rob Ford (pictured on the left) waddling out of the stadium on the way out. And my blood started to boil.

My friend Stuart was the first to make the point, but I was the first to parlay it to our Mayor:

“So, you come to this but not Gay Pride?”

Unfortunately, his response was incoherent.

I’ve since been told that his niece also plays in the league, but I don’t care. If he’s my mayor, he should be able to answer my question, no matter what.



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