New Thing #201: DC Comics New 52


I’ve never been much of a DC Comics fan, choosing to empty my wallet on Marvel books as a kid.

In recent years though, I’ve wanted to give a few DC titles a try but they’ve seemed impenetrable with their decades old story lines and encyclopedia of characters. Luckily, they’ve just completely rebooted the DC Universe with The New 52 initiative

I picked up a few comics today. And by picked up, I mean downloaded instantly to my iPad. Damn, I love that thing.

Detective Comics, Justice League and Batman and Robin all surprised me with their takes on these classic characters. I’m sure purists will find fault with some choices but it feels fresh and the artwork in Detective Comics in particular is stupendous.

Justice League really sets things up for a volatile storyline right off the bat (no pun intended) and I really want to see where they go with it.

Batman and Robin was a miss for me though. I don’t understand or buy this incarnation of Robin. He’s more annoying than interesting.

Overall I think hitting the big reset button was a great idea for DC. It’s given me the opportunity to start reading some comics I otherwise wouldn’t have. I’m sure my wallet won’t be thanking me for that.


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