New Thing #193: Rock of Ages


Rock of Ages is all kinda of crazy. But crazy in a good way.

The game is a mixture of a tower defense game and Super Monkey Ball; through the eyes of a History Bites.

You play Sisyphus who was condemned to forever roll a rock up a hill only to have it roll back down again. Each level introduces your opponent in great mocking Looney Tunes-esque sort of way. It’s very cute seeing the little demons poke Sisyphus in the bum over and over again while Cronos eggs him on. In another intro to a vampiric level they poke fun at Castelvania with a whip wielding, gargoyle smashing attacker squished by a big rock.

The gameplay itself is pretty solid too, and I found myself barely hanging on to beat my AI opponent by a hair, or vice versa. The graphical style is a little bit Monty Python, a little bit Borderlands and the lovely squishing sound that eminates from your enemy when you finally roll over him is just about the most perfect sound effect ever. 

So yeah, after trying the demo I bought this one. 


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