New Thing #191: The Blues Brothers



I may be disowned by a few circles of my friends for admitting this, but until tonight I’ve never seen The Blues Brothers.

I grew up admiring the artwork on my dad’s vinyl records and would always come across those two sunglassed suited guys while I continued my search for The Beatles Revolver album. Man I loved that Revolver artwork.

I also grew up thinking that The Blues Brothers was my father’s favourite film, and to tell you the truth I might be right on that one. I’m sure he’ll point it out if I’m wrong.

What I never knew growing up though, was what to expect from this film. 

Maybe it was my age or the type of movies I was drawn to as a kid, but The Blue Brothers never made sense in my head. I’m almost glad that I got to see this movie now, when I can appreciate the music and the performances of everyone involved rather than miss half the fun because I didn’t know what was going on.

What a great movie. 

As a side note, I need to watch something starring John Candy post haste. His fleeting time onscreen during this movie just wasn’t enough. I really miss that guy.


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