New Thing #189: Brandy Slush



My friend and consummate host, Kathleen held a great Labour Day Weekend BBQ today at her house in the Boonies. Croquet mallets were swung, shuttlecocks were cocked and the children ran wild. Also, there was drinking, responsibly though since there was a lot of driving involved to get there.

The one thing you can always count on when Kat throws a party though is something delicious and new to eat and/or drink. Usually this manifests itself in some unusually good cookies or cakes, but today it came in booze form: Brandy slush. Almost immediately upon arrival I found a cup of of the frozen treat mixed with 7-Up thrust upon me. 

The only downside to the drink was it’s popularity. By the time it came for a second round it was all used up. Of course I forgot to get the recipe, but I’m sure it’ll show up miraculously in the comments below somehow.


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2 responses to “New Thing #189: Brandy Slush

  1. KatHoney

    1 x 295 ml can frozen lemonade concentrate1 x 295 ml can frozen oj concentrate1 cup of brandy1 cup of sugar3-1/2 cups of waterLemon-lime soda to tasteMethod:dissolve sugar in hot water, mix with rest of ingredients in a non-reactive container, place in freezer and stir a few times during the freezing period. Allow 24 hours to thoroughly freeze. Fill glasses about 3/4 full, then add soda to slushify.

  2. KatHoney

    As prepared:1 x 295ml frozen Lemonade concentrate1 x 295ml frozen Orange concentrate1 cup Brandy1 cup sugar3.5 cups water7UpHeat water and dissolve sugar. Mix with other ingredients in non-reactive freezer safe container. Freeze at least 24 hours, stirring occasionally. Serve mixed with 7Up (about 2/3 glass of frozen mixture topped up with soda).

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