New Thing #182: Cycraft VR Racing Game


Every year, one of Audrey’s friends has her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. And although it’s great to see her run around like a crazy person for four hours it tends to wear you out. And by wear you out, I mean makes you want to kill yourself.

So I took a little daddy time and tried out their Cycraft VR Racing Game contraption. And it was awesome.

Not only did I get over three and a half minutes of unprecedented video game value for a single token but I also got a workout.

The lurching, sliding and forced steering wheel feedback was so intense my arm muscles were strained by the end of it.

I never use the brake pedal when I’m racing so that probably had something to do with it.

My racing skills paid off though as I walked away victorious only to get another workout chasing a four year around the place for another half hour.

No I wonder how much one of those would cost for home…


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