New Thing #173: Sam James Coffee



Excuse my language, but fuck that was a good cup of coffee. The macchiato at Sam James Coffee just might be the best I’ve ever had. Ok, who am I kidding, it is the best.

A great producer at Keen Music, Kai Koschmider told me about Sam James months ago, maybe nearly a year ago now. We quickly picked up on each other’s coffee snobbery when we worked on a project a while back and he’s been bugging me to go there ever since. It’s pretty out of my way for me, but work related activities put me enough in the vacinity to check it out after work. Plus my friend Tom was up for a little catching up, so he tested out the Americano. Also with great results.

I honestly don’t know what it is they did, but that cup of espresso was silkier, richer and bolder than anything I’ve ever had in Toronto. I could have licked the entire cup clean of the excess crema if no one had been around to see me to do it. And I would have. Oh, yes I would have.

Now, if they’d only open up an east end location next.


About dangaede

Creative Director and espresso lover.

One response to “New Thing #173: Sam James Coffee

  1. deptofhighfives

    I’m lucky enough to live right around the corner from SJCB – it opened up 1 week after I moved to my apartment (2 years ago). I think there’s a free coffee day coming up next Saturday. Glad you loved it as much as I do!

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