New Thing #172: Trauma Video Game

I saw the game Trauma reviewed on The Totally Rad Show this week and, totally on a fluke I noticed that it was availale for the Mac on Steam today. So I picked it up; it’s cheap. Like less than a couple lattes cheap, so I figured why not.

It’s basically a cross between Myst and those hidden object style games that my Grandmother is totally addicted to.

I’m not sure where it was developed, but it sure seems to be eastern European in tone, style and the voice acting is definitely English as a second language. 

But it’s weird, and I think it’s weird in a good way. All the gameplay is done through gestures which works great with the Magic Trackpad. The puzzles aren’t exactly difficult or long, but the exploration of the world and the narration of the main character really make for an oddly compelling experience. 

It seems to be broken up into four sections, three of which I finished in about an hour. And did I mention you’re playing as a woman who’s in a coma, trying to piece her life back together? At least that’s what I gather from the story so far at least.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this one yet, but it’s definitely a very unique game. I can’t say I’ve ever played anything quite like it before.


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