New Thing #170: HP TouchPad



Believe it or not, I was really excited when the HP TouchPad was announced. I never got around to using one of the Palm Pre phones that ran WebOS, but I’d heard good things about the operating system (if not the phone itself). But after the tablet’s lackluster debut, most of that excitement went away. 

When I saw one begging to be played with in The Source this afternoon I figured it was high-time I gave it a test run.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Tab, this actually felt like a cohesive user experience from the hardware up to the software. I love the simplicity of scrolling through active app windows to switch between tasks and although it’s not quite a snappy as the iPad it still felt perfectly capable. Unfortunately it wasn’t connected to WiFi so I couldn’t check out web browsing on it. Otherwise the apps all seemed well thought out and had a rather Apple-esque design to them. And tha’ts not a bad thing.

I’d love to test one out for a few weeks, but with the price sitting around that of an iPad, and the app selection being what it is for WebOS I can’t say I’d ever buy one. It’s not so much the iPad Killer they were probably hoping, but more a case of iPad Jock Itch.


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