New Thing #166: Bonzai DVD Board Game



Like the show it’s based off of, this game is just plain weird. But in a fun sort of way.

Around the time that Shauna and I first moved in together we’d spend Sunday nights watching the absurd Japanese inspired betting game show Bonzai together. Every week we’d bet on things like how far a chicken would float in the air attached to a balloon or who was going to get hit in the face with an umbrella in a crazy take on Russian Roulette. In short, it was bizzare fun.

So when I found this game unopened at Value Village for $5 I had to pick it up.

Firstly, it’s a really well crafted game. All the pieces are well designed, the materials well art directed and the rules around betting are rather clever. Oh, and it comes with headbands. You can’t beat free headbands.

After watching a challenge introduciton you have to race to put tiny plastic sushi pieces in a tray using chopsticks. The person who gets the most controls the betting. Everyone else has to ante up and whoever gets it right takes the pot. But with two people it sort of drags so we didn’t quite finish the game. Ok, I accintally hit the wrong button and ended the game that way. My bad.

Still, I think this one would be great fun to pull out when a few people are over, especially once the wine has been flowing for a little while. Bonzai!


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