New Thing #158: Eat at a Hubert Keller Restaurant



Ever since I first saw Hubert Keller on television I’ve yearned to try his food.

So you can understand my glee when I discovered he had a restaurant in Las Vegas; Fleur.

If I had to choose one cuisine over any other it would be French. It’s full bodied, it’s rich, it always seems to try to outdo itself. This meal took it even further than that.

The steak tartar practically melted on contact with my tongue, bursting with flavour. The artichoke barigoule was beautifully subtle and buttery sweet.

The wagyu beef burger was as tender as the tartar and the Peking duck breast was cooked perfectly.

We did not need desert. But we ate it anyway.

Shauna’s PB&J chocolate macaron’s came with a rum ice milk that was second only to the tartare in flavour and silkiness.

My trio of crème brûlée was so rich I could only sample half of each. I felt bad for the pistachio, it was too good to go unfinished.

Add one blood orange margarita, a glass of Pinot Noire and a double espresso to the mix and you’ll understand the need for the belt loosening. In public no less.

What an amazing meal.


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Creative Director and espresso lover.

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