New Thing #141: The Projection Booth



The old Gerrard Cinema (which I’d never actually been to) has been reborn as The Project Booth, an independent theatre for the east end.

They had a pay-what-you-can family event going on today to give the locals a chance to check out the joint. It also provided some much needed relief from the heat. 

I grabbed a coffee from Grinder East a few doors down and headed in. The new marquee hasn’t quite been installed yet, and having never been there before I didn’t quite know what to expect. Inside though, it’s wonderful.

It’s a bit like stepping into a time capsule of what it used to be like for me to go see movies in my home town. There’s a giant popcorn maker at the concession stand, the seats are gigantic, with tons of leg room. The screen isn’t four stories high either, but the room’s perfectly proportioned to the screen. It felt personal, unlike the megaplexes we see movies in today.

But it’s not just the theatre itself that’s impressive, I had a long chat with the owner and he has big plans for the place. His enthusiasm for cinema, and specifically Grindhouse and horror movies shone through. What’s more, they plan on being open seven days a week so there should always be something interesting to see on a moment’s notice.

I’m hoping that they get a chance to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show some time before my blog is finished. I’ve never actually managed to get to a live screening. The concrete floors of the theatre would make picking up all that toast a breeze.

I really hope that The Project Booth is successful. They seem to have the right idea for it and their hearts are definitely in the right place. Now I just need to find some time to go see a movie there!


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