New Thing #134: Stan Wadlow Kiwanis Public Pool


When I was kid, every summer day that didn’t include fork lightening found me at the Grimsby public pool. It was a prerequisite that my parents buy me a season’s pass the day they went one sale. 

Somehow I fell out of that habit when I moved away from home, only swimming while on vacation occasionally in the lake. Even when we moved to the east end of Toronto and saw that there was a pool a mere ten minute walk from our house we never got around to trying it out.

What’s worse is that last year we found out that, incredibly, public pools in Toronto are FREE! We had no good reason not to go…yet we still found ourselves lounging around on the back deck instead of cooling off in the deep end.

As you can see from the video above though, that all changed today. What a great pool this is, especially since it has a waterslide. That’s right, a waterslide. Did I mention it’s free?

I can’t wait until Audrey can swim so we can enjoy it more often, or at least go a little deeper than a metre or water.


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