New Thing #131: Google+ Hangout



I want to preface this with one thing: I hate Skype. Even before Microsoft bought them.

It’s big, it’s bloated and it never seems to work right. So I thought I’d try a Hangout on Google+ tonight with my pal, and fellow nerd, Dan.

I wish we’d been able to test it with more people, but as it is, it’s pretty solid. There was a little lag at the beginning of our chat which quickly rectified itself and the video quality was way better than anything I’ve every managed to get while Skyping my folks. Audio was also top notch.

Although the idea behind Google+ Hangouts really baffles me. Sitting around on a social network, waiting for people to video chat with you at random seems pretty pathetic. As a group video chatting tool though, I like it.

PS. I’m still not sure about this whole Google+ thing on a whole. So still hit me up on Facebook or Twitter for the time being.


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