New Thing #128: Sunbathe on a Nude Beach



I’ve been on a couple of clothing optional beaches before but never went all in, if you know what I mean.

But today was tailor made to change that. 30 degrees in the shade, not a cloud in the sky and off work.

I made my way over to Hanlan’s Point on Toronto Island, found a spot in the sand and slathered every bit of myself in sunscreen. Some areas more than others.

Now, normally I’m not the lie-in-the-sun kind of guy; I get bored after about fifteen minutes. But something about lying there, the way you were born, with a nice breeze off the lake really made it petty relaxing.

A half hour later and I decided to take a dip. Lake Ontario sure does look pretty at Hanlan’s but it sure isn’t very warm. You have to be pretty confident in yourself as a man to get out of that water naked.

And probably the most surprising part of the whole experience had to be the number of people there. The beach was packed with all manner of people. Men women, hetero and homosexual and yes, even young and attractive ones. You read that that right, there were good looks girls and boys on display…if you could see past the giant lumbering ones.


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