New Thing #118: The Bata Shoe Museum



Here’s a place I never saw the allure of before today: The Bata Shoe Museum

Somehow, in my mind, I always pictured a big room filled with designer shoes on the walls. Pretty much a giant Keds with merchandise more suited for the Sex in the City crowd. I suppose that the word museum in the name should have tipped me off, but who thought you could possibly have enough to say about shoes to devote an entire building to it?

Well, it turns out they do and they did.

Anything and everything worn by humans since we crawled out of the muck was on display. To prove the point, the final piece in the winding road of footwear history were two awful high tops worn by Justin Bieber. And don’t get me started on the Nickelback display.

Moving on though, I was delighted by the roaring 20s display. Flapper girls danced on screens while raucous music accompanied my stroll through some fine art deco inspired heels. The care and love that went into every rhinestone makes me ache for the days when things weren’t mass produced. Plus I’m pretty sure the ladies that were in front of me had danced in some gin joints back in the day themselves.

$14 was a little steep for the experience but that doesn’t seem to stop the tourists from entering in droves. 

All in all I enjoyed it much more than ever I expected to.


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