New Thing #117: Chocolate Ice Cubes



My wife sent me a not so subtle hint to make these chocolate ice cubes yesterday when I came downstairs and found all of the ingredients laid out on the island. 

Tonight we popped them out and dropped them in some milk with a little bit of vanilla flavoured simple syrup. Soon we were sipping some mighty fine chocolate milks through dinner. As the cubes melted, the milk took on a wonderful, silky chocolate flavour. A few stirs here and there and the flavour and colour became more and more rich. 

So of course the next step was to make a cocktail with them. A little vodka, a cube in our mini-shaker and a gentle shake later and I’m happy to report that I’m enjoying the best tasting chocolate martini I’ve ever had. 

And, as you might expect, Audrey is over the moon at the revelation that we now have frozen chocolate in the freezer.


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