New Thing #114: Okonomiyaki



My friend Andrew told me about Okonomiyaki when he found out I was doing this project. How a Scottish dude who loves his haggis got so excited to see me eat one of these savoury Japanese pancakes is beyond me. But I sure am glad he did. 

It was another long day at work, and I was on my way to get a Dragon Roll, when I realized that I could just as easily stop in at the Okonomi House on Charles Street. The restaurant itself qualifies as a new thing for me since I’ve admired it since I moved to Toronto. Don’t let the “Fine Japanese Dining” moniker fool you, it’s completely unassuming inside and quite reasonable.

But enough about that, on to the pancake! 

I settled on the seafood supreme, and soon, a cast-iron skillet weighted down by an inch thick pancake filled with scallops, shrimp, crab and squid came my way. It was dense, covered in sauce and bursting with flavour. The seafood was perfectly cooked, the squid without a hint of toughness too it. The light and crisp Soporo I ordered along side it complemented it perfectly.

If there’s one thing I can say bad about the dish it’s merely that there was too much of it! I fought to finish it and ended up losing the battle by a mere couple of bites. An hour later and I still feel it sitting leadenly in my belly. But also feeling deeply satisfied by it.


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2 responses to “New Thing #114: Okonomiyaki

  1. Brendyn

    If you ever want to do a follow-up to this, there are actually two styles of Okonomiyaki for your enjoyment. Hiroshima style and Osaka style. Differences in ingredients and how they are made.

  2. Anonymous

    Brendyn…I thought the difference might be the explosiveness of the bowel movement the next day.

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