New Thing #105: Dip ‘n Sip Donut Shop


There’s an old donut shop that looks like it was built in the 70’s just up a ways from my house called the Dip ‘n Sip. From the outside it looks pretty cool; all curved glass and funky design elements on the outside.

It was one of the many location in Kickass that I screamed at the screen “I know where that is!” and it further cemented my need to visit the place.

After last night’s trip to The Feathers my friend Tom and I wandered in just past midnight to grab a snack for the way home.

The inside was decimated at that time of night; the only patron a middle-aged woman playing video Bejeweled on the terminal set up on the counter. The food selection was, well, not one. There were about 8 donuts in total for sale and I don’t think I’d eat anything else I saw behind the counter.

But it had charm, and I like it for that.



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One response to “New Thing #105: Dip ‘n Sip Donut Shop

  1. Stuart Thursby

    In high school, we called it "dip in shit" donuts. Seemed appropriate from how it looks, though I’ve never had anything from there.(Incidentally, you were quite literally 3 blocks from where I grew up there)

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