New Thing #103: Samsung Galaxy Tab



Two things have become abundantly clear to me after using the Samsung Galaxy Tab today. 

1. I love my iPad and it’s spoiled me on how a tablet is supposed to feel and react to my gestures
2. I hate Android as a platform

Every time I pick up an Android device it looks just fine. Not great, but good enough. And then I start noodling with it.

Invariably the buttons on the face don’t do what I expect them to. The OS doesn’t react smoothly enough to just disappear into the background. And the apps just never make sense when I get into them. I got stuck in every app I tried, either hitting a dead end without any apparent way to back up or, in one case gave up after being faced with a screen full of legal and ten steps to make the app even run.

The actual  device felt just fine although I’m really not sold on the smaller form factor. Other than reading books, I prefer the bigger area that the iPad offers. And if I wanted something small to read on I’d borrow my wife’s Kindle.

There might be a tablet out there that will make my change my song about the iPad, but this certainly isn’t it.


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