New Thing #100: KFC Double Down Sandwich


When I was a kid the closest only time I got to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken was when I’d sleep over at my friend Andrew’s place and his parents would bring home a bucket or two. Ever since then I’ve occasionally enjoyed the odd piece piece, especially when I first moved to Toronto and Toonie Tuesdays were a lifesaver at the end of the month.

So to mark my 100th new thing I decided to try the Double Down sandwich today. It just so happened that today was also the relaunch of the sandwich in Canada too. It seemed fortuitous. 

And I have to say I’m extremely surprised. It wasn’t half bad! The chicken was actually moist, the bacon was well done and the sauce wasn’t overwhelming. And the cheese was even completely melted. 

It might be that I worked late and was starving, or that my expectations were so low that I found it better than it actually is. Even more surprising is that it tasted that good despite the disgusting look of the thing. 

If I have one bad thing to say, it’s simply that I wish the skin was still on the breasts. Because, as anyone who knows me can attest to, chicken skin is just about my favourite thing to eat in the whole world. Feel free to join my Facebook Group: Swiss Chalet… Why No Chicken Skin Sandwich?


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