New Thing #98: Watch Friday The 13th


I’m a child of the 80s and a bit of a horror freak, but I’ve never seen a single Friday The 13th movie. So tonight I set out to watch the prototypical slasher flim: the original Friday The 13th.

And I have to say I’m VERY confused right now. 

I figure the moratorium on spoilers is over for this one so I have to ask, how the hell did they make sequels off of this movie?

As far as slasher flicks go, making the killer the mother of a kid killed at the camp she decides to terrorize years later is actually pretty clever. But ending the movie with a festering eleven year old boy jumping out of the lake makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. 

What’s worse is that the fall colours in the end scene suggest a bunch of movie executives, coked out beyond belief, watched the rough cut and demanded a sequel be made before they left the room. 

It’s all very bizarre and makes me want to watch Jason X more than ever before.


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