New Thing #97: Stairs Below Bloor Street Viaduct


I take the subway under the Bloor Street Viaduct pretty much five days a week. In the winter time it’s hard to miss the long, winding stairway that leads down the hill towards the Don Valley. And every time I do, I wonder how the heck you get to it.

After looking all over for the staircase after work I finally happened upon a path around the side of Rosedale Heights School of the Arts and made my way down under the viaduct itself. If you thought the bridge was impressive from up top, try standing underneath it. It’s marvellous. 

And the stairs themselves get you just far enough away from Bloor Street and not quite close enough to the Bayview Extension that you forget you’re in Toronto around the midway point. A dense canopy of brush and trees keeps it cool and quiet.

It was a nice little break from the hectic week I’ve had and I’m glad I finally made it down there.



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One response to “New Thing #97: Stairs Below Bloor Street Viaduct

  1. Sean Lerner

    I use these stairs occasionally to get out of the valley. If you go south about 20 meters from the bottom of the stairs and cross bayview, it’ll bring you to the start of a well kept but largely unused trail that leads straight to the brickworks (one of my favorite places in the city). And crossing bayview is like playing real life frogger. How fun is that? (assuming you survive)

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