New Thing #87: The Pie Shack



There’s a place in the Beaches called The Pie Shack that my friend Tom has been telling me about for years. Ok, raving about is more like it. And the place is great. 

The beyond friendly owner is an old colleague of Tom’s and is instantly welcoming to everyone of his customers. And for a Tuesday night that place was hopping for 8:30pm. 

The decor is eclectic, yet warm and welcoming. Rustic communal tables make it feel more like a family kitchen than a restaurant and, if I were still a dating man, the perfect place to end an evening out.

Oh, and the pie was pretty good too (even if the apples were a little less cooked than I like them to be). 

Now please excuse me while I go sample some of Shauna’s bumbleberry slice that I brought home.


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Creative Director and espresso lover.

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