New Thing #79: DavidsTea



Let’s face it, this springtime in Toronto sucks. And spending an afternoon outside in the freezing drizzle for a photo shoot did not make for a comfortable day away from the office.

Thankfully the shoot went great (I love working with Philip Rostron) and it was located across from DavidsTea.

Yes, I drink a lot of espresso publicly, but I’m more of a tea drinker at home so it seemed the perfect place to warm up on a miserable day.

And it was wonderful. I was immediately greeted with a sample of some chocolate-mint tea (which I bought a bag of), then guided through a variety of spicy citrus flavours that I was in the mood to drink.

While I waited for my oolong to steep I admired the vibrant, yet minimalist design of the shop. The line of colour coded canisters behind the counter breathed life into the white walled room. Enticing gift displays peppered the space in the back while a few tables occupied the front of the store.

Two hours later and I was back inside ordering a sensational Crème Brulée roibus.


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Creative Director and espresso lover.

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