New Thing #78: See My Friend Stew



Now this might seem odd to some people, but I have a good friend in Los Angeles, California that I’ve never technically met. His name is Bill, but I call him Stew. We’ll get to that in a minute.

We met a bit over 5 years ago playing a game called Perfect Dark Zero. My friend Tom and I were playing multiplayer on a map called Tower and had a cool guy called Bstew on our side. It quickly became apparent that he wasn’t one of the swarms of 12 year olds spouting nonsense in our ears. We also realized that we shared the same sensibilities about games and music. But best of all, he was just there to have fun, a rare commodity on XBox Live.

But good old Stew lives in cyberspace for me. We talk to each other over headsets, keep track of each other on Facebook and regularly email. 

So today I finally FaceTimed good old Stew. We gave each other tours of our houses, he met the family and I showed him what I was cooking for dinner. Embarrassingly it was the most cliché thing I could be making from an American perspective: a maple-syrup glazed back bacon roast. I stand by my decision though, it was delicious.

It was a weird experience finally “meeting” Stew for the first time, it felt familiar and alien at the same time. But I’m glad I did, he’s still a cool dude who should come up to Canada on vacation sometime. If he does it in the next 10 months I can add “Buy Stew A Beer” to my new thing list.

PS. The only photo I snapped of our conversation was a terrible shot of Stew. But it was also a terrible one of me, so I chose to include it. Seemed only fair.


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