New Thing #76: Flash Strip Club



I’m not exactly a prude when it comes to strip clubs (I’ve been to my share of stags and my ex-roomate had a penchant for Remingtons) but I don’t find myself in them very often. To be honest I find them pretty boring since it never seems like anyone involved is interested in being there in the first place.

But my friend Andrew convinced me to go to the new “members only” club Flash tonight which was a bit of a mixed experience.

Firstly, we had a couple of suprisingly, reasonably priced pints while we chatted. And chatted, and chatted. Problem was, there weren’t any dancers. 

Now call me old fashioned, but if I go to a bar that’s biggest pull is the giant brass pole sticking out of the stage, then I expect someone to be on it.

As I was about to leave a suitably fit young man finally found his way on stage. I must reiterate that I normally find these things dull…having grown up with the illusion that strippers actually made a performance out things. That they titillate the audience rather than just go through the motions. But this guy, whoa, this guy but on a show!

He climbed, spun around and gripped the pole like his life depended on it. He did handstands, and splits and other gymnastic feats. He eventually got fleetingly naked, but at that point it was entirely unnecessary. He was just purely entertaining.

I didn’t stick around to see if the rest of the dancers were as talented, but it gives me some hope that Flash is more than just your average skin joint in Toronto.


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