New Thing #74: Play Munchkin


Munchkin might just be the best card game I’ve ever played. I thought you couldn’t best Killer Bunnies from that spot, but here we are. Sorry Karen and Jeff. 

Aside from the fact that I didn’t win (that honour went to my friend Tom) and that we spent most of the first hour with our noses buried in the rather lengthly rules, this game exceeded all my expections. Even with my wife betraying me out of the gate and on several other occasions. I’m happy to say she came in last – and by a long shot.

The night was filled with no end of putting the screws to the other players, wheeling and dealing and laughing our asses off at Steve Jackson’s hilarious card descriptions. And did I mention that Shauna lost? Bad?

I can’t wait to play again. And pick up a few expansion packs in the meantime. Now I have a couch to go sleep on, goodnight.



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