New Thing #71: “New” Grimsby Public Library



Ok, so the new Grimsby Public Library may not be new by temporal standards but it is for me. 

In 2004 they moved the contents of the old Grimsby Public Library to the fancy-pants new structure they built next store. By then I’d been long gone from my home town, though. And it’s a shame that I wasn’t there when the cut the ribbon, because it’s wonderful.

I should also point out that the old library and I have a long history together.

I grew up just down the street (literally) and spent at least part of every summer vacation day inside it’s cool, air conditioned walls. All the library ladies knew me, I could rifle through the card catalogue at break neck speed and I was adept at navigating the mechanical stacks in the basement.

But that old place never had an ounce of natural light that didn’t stop three feet from the front door. The new library is full of light. Floor to ceiling windows, skylights and even a fireplace bring a warmth and glow to the books that I never would have dreamed could exist in library.

Couches, computer stations, kid friendly tables and sliding chairs make it not only beautiful but also useable. And would you believe it? Comfortable.

If this library had existed when I was a kid I might have spent all of my time there.


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