New Thing #70: Maker Faire


Maker Faire is dubbed as the world’s largest do-it-yourself festival. I’d call it more like The One of Kind Show for nerds. This weekend, there was a Mini-Maker Faire held at the Brickworks.

There were home-made 3D printers, video games, robots, jewelry, artwork, clothing, computers, telescopes and more. For god’s sake, they had a “Learn How To Solder” station set up for the kids!

Audrey went ballistic when she saw the robot in the video spring into action. She sprinted a good hundred yards yelling excitedly “ROBOT! ROBOT! ROBOT!” while I chased after her. Any other situation I would have been annoyed instead of proud.

I just wish I could have gotten there sooner when there was a little more going on, but one thing’s certain, I’m going back next year for sure!



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