New Thing #93: Ride Your Bike To Work Day


I’ve ridden my bike to work before, but to be honest, it’s been years. When I switched jobs and found myself a few more kilometers away I just decided to stick with transit. 

This years Ride Your Bike To Work Day in Toronto seemed like a good opportunity to join in and start the habit back up. I had been hoping I’d run into roving packs of business people on wheels, but it just seemed like any other day riding your bike in the city.

Still, it was good fun and nice to get a bit of exercise in the morning.


New Thing #92: Shameless


As expected, it’s pretty terrific.

New Thing #91: Wings and Wheels Heritage Festival



I seem to recall going to a remote control airplane show with my folks when I was a kid but I think the closest I came to an airshow was watching the planes go overhead at the CNE one year.

The Wings and Wheels Heritage Festival isn’t so much about what’s happening up in the sky, as it is about getting up close and personal with some vintage aircraft.

Two things struck me most today:

1. Fighter jets are f’n huge
2. Heritage plane volunteers are 90% grizzled old men

I did have my heart set on being able to sit in the cockpit of a Snowbird though, and at the last minute they decided they weren’t letting people in it. However, seeing a fighter jet do a hairpin turn in the sky right about my car made up for it.

New Thing #90: Reflexology



Like every woman in the world (if you believe Samual L. Jackson and John Travolta) I love a good foot rub. But I’ve never had one professionally administered before.

A friend recommended his massage therapist to me, Richard Lacroix, and for 60 minutes he went to town on my feet. Not only did it loosen them up, but I remembered what I really love about getting a massage: the complete lack of outside interference. No cel phones, no internet, no games, no children, just myself and my thoughts. 

Even when he’d hit a particularly tender spot on my heel it still felt good to just let go and relax for an hour. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with some epsom salts.

New Thing #89: Manischewitz


There’s been a bottle of Manischewitz on one of my coworker’s desks ever since I started at Proximity. After a long day with a long night of work ahead of us, we decided to open it up and have a drink.

The video speaks for itself. And one of these days I’ll even get “L’Chaim” right on the first try.

New Thing #88: See a Professional Soccer Game


Well that was a wash, literally. 

For a solid six minutes I sat at BMO field watching professional soccer players run up and down the pitch. A few kicks were even made on net. Then the heavens opened up and my friend Tom and I found ourselves standing in line for a poncho for half an hour.

Once we got into our quality $5 rain gear and all sense of our dignity was lost for the evening we ventured back out to our seats. Forty five seconds later we were back inside. 

Let’s face it, I’m bound to have one or two catastrophic failures this year that are completely out of my control. So sorry Toronto FC, but I have to give you a big thumbs down, through it’s no fault of your own.


New Thing #87: The Pie Shack



There’s a place in the Beaches called The Pie Shack that my friend Tom has been telling me about for years. Ok, raving about is more like it. And the place is great. 

The beyond friendly owner is an old colleague of Tom’s and is instantly welcoming to everyone of his customers. And for a Tuesday night that place was hopping for 8:30pm. 

The decor is eclectic, yet warm and welcoming. Rustic communal tables make it feel more like a family kitchen than a restaurant and, if I were still a dating man, the perfect place to end an evening out.

Oh, and the pie was pretty good too (even if the apples were a little less cooked than I like them to be). 

Now please excuse me while I go sample some of Shauna’s bumbleberry slice that I brought home.

New Thing #86: Wizard of Oz Synced to Dark Side of the Moon



I’ve never been much of a Pink Floyd fanatic but I’ve always been curious to see what all the fuss was about with syncing Dark Side of the Moon up with The Wizard of Oz. And I’m still not sure what all the fuss is about.

It definitely seems that illicit drugs are required to fool yourself into thinking the album works as an alternative soundtrack to the film. Apart from a few well timed lyrics I just found myself wanting to hear the Lollipop Guild do their bit themselves. Those guys really crack me up.

Now if you really want to see something amazing, try playing the Zorba The Greek theme over top of any cartoon ever produced. Works every time.

New Thing #85: Fiddleheads


I never knew about fiddleheads until I worked for a company called T4G. The President would host a music festival/family party/fundraiser every year on his farm in New Brunswick. Being the design and marketing arm of the business, it would always fall to us to come up with a theme and branding for the event. One year it was decided that it would be known as The Fiddlehead Jam. 

Ever since then I wanted to try these little unfurled fern fronds and thanks to a little friendly taunt from my friend Dan on Twitter, I picked some up. 

A quick 12 minute boil later and I was snacking on the most divine, sweet, buttery vegetables I’ve ever eaten. These will be savoured every spring for the rest of my life.


New Thing #84: Iyashi Bedrock Spa


I believe that the Iyashi Bedrock Spa is the one of its kind in Toronto.

Here’s how it works: in 20 minute increments you lie on heated tiles and sweat your balls off. Then you drink a few cups of water in the cool-down room, rinse and repeat.

At the end of it ever pore in your body has been deep cleaned.

It’s like a steam room without the steam or a sauna without your lungs feeling like their on fire.

The most unintentionally hilarious part though was when Shauna and I pulled put our individually wrapped paper undergarments. Mine were a big bulky pair of boxers and her’s were panties so small they were wrapped up to the size of a tampon. Check out the photo gallery to see for yourself.


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